The Charleston BalletSchool

The American Academy Ballet

The American Academy Ballet, the school of the Charleston Ballet, puts full emphasis on the joy of learning to dance! Our philosophy is that ballet is an art with many rewards. Some rewards visible, such as grace, agility and physical strength, and some intangible, such as discipline and respect. Since classes are taught in the classic tradition, any student, whether enrolled for pleasure or in pursuit of a ballet career, will be adequately prepared to attend any other qualified ballet school in the world.

The American Academy Ballet is committed to training and educating students, and promoting the interest of the art of ballet and other dance forms to the highest artistic standards. As the official school of the Charleston Ballet, the school provides a wide range of dance education. It is the training ground for future dancers who desire to pursue a professional dance career, but also the best location for those who enjoy dance for pleasure, recreation and exercise.

Parking Information:
The City of Charleston is now offering FREE garage parking, Monday-Friday after 5pm and ALL DAY on the weekends.